For one of my communication classes, I was required to participate in a tweet chat. Yes, I have discussed before that I dislike social media. But I genuinely enjoyed participating in this tweet chat because I connected with professionals in the career field that I hope to someday join.

I participated in BrandChat, a tweet chat that focuses on branding. A couple topics that were discussed included customer loyalty programs and the effectiveness of coupons. It was interesting to chat with professionals about these topics. I have been learning about branding for the past few years of my life, but these professionals deal with these topics on a daily basis and have hands-on experience with them. It was interesting to get expert opinions.

I was really happy when I received some positive feedback from my own opinions on these topics! It was nice to know that I can participate in this forum and that my thoughts are valued by ACTUAL professionals. Perhaps I can actually hold my own in the branding arena! Overall the experience was very informational and reassuring.