COLUMBUS, Ohio – July 18, 2014 — Communication is a vital skill that is often taken for granted and overlooked. No job can be effectively executed without the use of good communication. In Communication 2321 at The Ohio State University, students will fine-tune their expertise in communication, particularly in the written form.

The course is “designed to make students better communicators and better writers,” said Dan Caterinicchia, a professor who teaches Communication 2321.

Students get a feel for how writing is used in the professional world. By the end of the course, students will know the basics of journalistic, promotional and blog writing. They will be familiarized with Associated Press style, which is commonly utilized in the professional world. Students will learn to write assignments with a tight deadline, simulating the importance of timeliness in the professional world.

“[The course] gives you a real-world feel of how things actually are in journalism, public relations and broadcasting careers,” said Nora Cronmer, a sophomore OSU student who is studying strategic communication. “I’ve never been in a communication class where i had to do real-world writing. It’s a one-of-a-kind class.”

Cronmer is a Media Relations and Social Media Support Intern at Bell Communications. She has already used the information she has learned in this course in her current internship.

“I like the high expectations [of this course]. It causes me to work at a higher level. I know it will be a huge help to me in the future,” Cronmer said.

Although the course is geared towards strategic communication majors and provides students with what Caterinicchia describes as “the fundamental foundation for strategic communication,” students of all majors can benefit from the course content.

“The skill set [learned in this course] is transferrable—there is no doubt about it,” said Caterinicchia. “It is applicable to every major, every job pursuit.”

If students wish to compete in today’s job market, they must learn to stand out from their competition. Communication 2321 will equip students with the ability to ask provocative questions. They will impress future employers with their ability to write professionally. Every student, therefore, can benefit from enrolling in this course.

Communication 2321 is a course taught at The Ohio State University for students within the strategic communication major. The focus is on writing for strategic communication. Students will learn journalistic writing, broadcast writing, promotional writing and internet writing via blogging.

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