In a multimedia promotional campaign, a company utilizes multiple media outlets in order to promote a product or service. Dove did this successfully in their 2013 “Real Beauty Sketches” campaign. I chose this particular campaign because it is so inspirational. Many women, including myself, struggle with self-consciousness based on their self-perception. The Dove campaign brings attention to the fact that when we look at ourselves, we see mainly our flaws that other people would never notice. The campaign is eye-opening and very memorable, but it is difficult to understand why this theme is used to promote the Dove brand.

The campaign incorporates a video describing the study and the experiences of the participants. The video includes audio–the forensic artist and the participants speaking, as well as music. The voices tell the story and the music sets an inspirational tone. It includes pictures of the forensic drawings when the participants described themselves and when they described another participant. This enables the reader to notice the difference between self-perceptions and the perceptions of others. The campaign also features text, both in the video as well as on the campaign website.

The “Real Beauty Sketches” campaign is featured on Dove’s website. It has its own page. The campaign swept through social media outlets with mass popularity in 2013. The campaign was shared on Twitter over 18,000 times and over 694,000 people liked the campaign on Facebook. The campaign website includes links that allow you to share it on Twitter or “like” it on Facebook.