Local juice bar offers holistic lifestyle to Columbus scene

  1. In February 2014 Native Cold Pressed opened in Short North District of Columbus, Ohio
    1. Founders Nicole Salvo and Erin Thacker
      1. Both were advocates of holistic lifestyle
      2. Both are yoga instructors—met at a yoga event on a farm
      3. Salvo
        1. travel (Chicago, LA, South Africa, London), yoga, raw food, juicing
        2. yoga certification, yoga instructor in Thailand
        3. back to Columbus—no raw food options available
      4. Thacker
        1. yoga certification
        2. met Naturopath, helped her wean off medications
        3. worked in Columbus restaurant industry
    2. Cold Pressed process
      1. more healthful than other processes
      2. benefits of juicing
      3. how ingredients are obtained
      4. kinds of juices offered, prices
      5. customer opinion
    3. Native lifestyle
      1. values
      2. Fusion of juicing, raw food and yoga
        1. yoga brunches
        2. Innocent Eatery healthy bites
      3. employee–what it’s like to work at Native
    4. Promotion
      1. Instagram–one of Columbus’ most followed
      2. Facebook
      3. Pop-up samples at Lush at Polaris Fashion Place
    5. Hope for the future
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