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Short headline: Native Cold Pressed offers Columbus locals juices that are “simple, balanced, raw”
Long headline: A purchase you can feel good about: Native Cold Pressed, a juice bar in the Short North, offers a healthy product that is all-natural, locally-supportive, environmentally-friendly
Tweet: “[Native Cold Pressed] is a place where you can start a journey of being good to yourself.” Nicole Salvo, co-owner of Native Cold Pressed in the Short North district in Columbus, Ohio, explains why purchasing their juices is something that you can feel good about #juicemeup @NativeColdPressed

Americans are becoming increasingly conscious about their health. This has lead many people to seek a more organic, raw diet. Juicing and juice cleanses are trending, due to the ability to pack vital nutrients from fresh fruits and vegetables into one drink. Native Cold Pressed, an organic juice bar in the Short North district of Columbus, Ohio, offers customers an easy way to experience the popular juice trend.

“I love starting my day with juice from Native,” Nathan Branch, a loyal customer at Native said. “It always leaves me feeling revitalized!”

Native Cold Pressed was opened by co-owners Nicole Salvo and Erin Thacker on February 10, 2014.

“People are so much more concerned about health and preventative methods because our country has reached a health crisis lately,” said Nicole Salvo. “Juicing is the most natural, pure way to consume organic vegetables and fruit.”

Most juicing processes utilize rotary blades that move so fast, they create heat that breaks down vital nutrients and enzymes your body needs. This results in a product that must be consumed immediately, otherwise the juice can develop potentially dangerous bacteria.

Native uses a process called “cold pressing.” It is a slower, more involved process that takes about 30 minutes, but creates juice that has a shelf life of 72 hours and is full of medicinal values that go straight to the bloodstream. Customers can purchase enough juice to last their whole juice fast, making it simple, easy and accessible.

“People are more opt to add something healthy to their lifestyle if it is convenient,” said Salvo.
The founders have an interesting story behind their new business. Both are certified yoga instructors, which helped lead them to the juice lifestyle.

Salvo traveled the world for seven years prior to the opening of Native. During her travels, she began practicing yoga, eventually becoming a teacher in Thailand. She came across a group of people who ate a completely raw diet. Juicing was a big part of that diet. She remembers the clarity she felt the first time she drank fresh, organic juice.

When she returned to Columbus, the yoga community was thriving and welcomed her with open arms, however there were few raw food options and only one other juice bar in the Upper Arlington area.

Thacker developed a heart condition at age 24 and sought out alternative methods of healing, including yoga, juicing and consuming raw foods. After working in restaurant management in Columbus for 15 years, Thacker was prepared to open her own business.

The two yogis met at a yoga event. They formed a friendship that led to a successful business partnership.

Using help and guidance from consulting businesses in the area, as well as Thacker’s connections from working in the restaurant industry, they created a business plan.

When thinking of names for their new concept, they listed plant names indigenous to Ohio, since both are originally from the buckeye state. The word “native” was reoccurring on the list and sparked Thacker’s interest—she suggested they name the juice bar Native.

Salvo and Thacker were strategic in the way they handed out samples.

“We wanted to get the product out with the right people,” said Salvo. “We picked places in the Short North and the Columbus area that we supported and wanted to support us as well.”

They also created social media accounts to promote Native. They now have a presence on Facebook (3,339 likes) and Instagram (2,929 followers).

The two founders utilize their expertise in yoga by hosting a “yoga brunch” at The Kitchen in Columbus once a month. Those interested register and pay the $35 fee, which covers an hour of power vinyasa flow yoga, appropriate for beginners and seasoned yogis, Native Cold Pressed juice and a delicious brunch made of raw ingredients.

“After my first yoga class in Thailand, the instructor took me to her favorite juice shop. I felt the nourishment immediately,” said Salvo. “From the beginning [for me], yoga and juice always go together—yoga leaves you in a state of openness physically after a class. Juicing also brings physical openness.”

Joseph Doherty, an employee at Native, feels good about his workplace.

“I love that [Native Cold Pressed] is supporting local, sustainable farms. It feels good to be part of something that’s not feeding the big corporations,” said Doherty. “The juices are served in glass bottles, which are reusable and better for the environment.”

Native Cold Pressed offers a product you will feel good about and will make you feel good.

“[Native] is a place where you can start a journey of being good to yourself. The more you take care of yourself, the better human you will be out there in the world,” said Salvo.

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